VAGUS Treatment

Vagus Treatment.jpg

The Vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body and connects most of our major organs to our brain.


It’s known as the ‘queen’ of the parasympathetic nervous system - and is largely responsible for our mind/body connection due to its’ role as a mediator between thinking and feeling …. our ‘gut feeling’. It’s the ‘rest and digest’ or ‘chill out’ nerve, and has two branches down each side of our body.


Some of its’ functions are to slow your heart rate and respiration, lower blood pressure, help with staying calm and relaxed, balance taste and sensation, 

reduce inflammation, and aid digestion as it helps control involuntary muscles in the digestive system.

It is possible to help activate the Vagus nerve and support your well-being by stimulating the Vagus with Microcurrent. A gentle 20 minute treatment, you relax while wearing a Vagus headset which is set to a low resonance with microcurrent to help balance and reset.

This is a great stress reliever, and can be used during heightened times of stress every few days. It is also used by practitioners as part of therapy for children with spectrum and anxiety disorders.