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Ultrasound - Time Master Pro


Using sound waves, Ultrasound penetrates the skin and promotes collagen & elastin production, improves blood flow, tone, and with the addition of pulsed LED, sends lots of light energy to the cells for an extra boost.

The Time Master Pro combines both ultrasound and 

LED and improves volume and lifts the face and neck.  It will also improve skin tone and brighten the complexion.

Like LED or other therapies, treatments can be done twice a week, with a series over a couple of weeks giving lasting results.


This treatment plumps and lifts the skin IMMEDIATELY.


Can be included as an addition to any other facial treatment for $30.

I have been seeing Karen for over a year now and just love my visits.

Whether she’s tinting something or working on my skin, I always leave feeling great.  There is no criticism of my lack of beauty regime nor does she push the sale of her products, which just adds to the relaxing atmosphere. (As do her great playlists!).  Thoroughly recommend a visit with Karen.

Tricia Hales