SCULPTURAL Facial Lifting


All in the Hands!


This facial technique was developed by Yakov Gershkovich - a unique facial massage to stimulate & drain lymph, and lift facial muscles. You may have heard of ‘buccal’ massage in beauty mags - it’s also known as ‘intra-oral massage’ - and this treatment incorporates the inner mouth as well.

How does this work?  The mouth and inner muscles of

the mouth and our jaws, hold lots of stresses which affect how our faces look, how we smile, and how our skin functions.   By releasing these areas, it helps relax these muscles - and  the face naturally lifts as they are no longer restricted.

This is a fabulous treatment - feels amazing - the stress literally drains away!


1hr 30 minutes $220.00

I found Karen when buying NeoGenesis from the US and discovered she used NeoGenesis here in Sydney.  I love Karen’s non-invasive and holistic approach to skin - my favourite treatment is the Sculptural Lift - Karen’s hands are magic!  I’d read about this technique so was excited when I found out she offered this.  It involves a buccal massage - really releases the tension in my face & jaw.  Feels amazing!  Karen’s a guru on skin, and my rosacea-prone skin has benefitted tremendously from using NeoGenesis and her treatments. 
Rania S.