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This facial uses the same ingredient, Poly-L Lactic acid, that surgeons use when doing facial filler services with injectables and dissolvable sutures - the injectable type is called Sculptra - and is considered to be the safest and achieve the most natural results for fillers.

It is also used by doctors to address loss of facial volume due to side-effects of some medications. Used topically in a facial, the Sculplla serum absorbs into the hair follicle and attaches there and begins to stimulate collagen production in the cellular matrix, to plump and build the skin. A hydrogen mask is applied which ‘seals’ the skin and once absorbed, the mask is removed. The results are a natural, line-softening andlifting effect which lasts up to a month-5 weeks for a single treatment.


Poly-L Lactic acid is completely safe and just dissolves and absorbs into the bloodstream and is excreted by the 


For best results, a series is recommended, once a week for a few weeks - and this is dependent on your age and skin - as a guide, below 45 years of age, you would expect to do 4, over 45, recommended would be 6. Results can last up to 9 months, with recommended home care. A maintenance mask can also be done from time-to-time.

This treatment is perfect to improve skin laxity and create volume as it gives a plumping effect, fills lines both on the face and the neck, and improves the texture of the skin so improves and refines pores and scarring.


Single Treatment     1hr 30 mins      $195.00


Series of 4      $700.00


Series of 6      $975.00