Oxygen Facials

An Oxygen Facial is one of the BEST treatments you'll ever have .....

WHY?  Not only good for your skin, the results are immediate, which is why it's a popular go-to for celebrities just prior to any red carpet event.   

The Oxygen delivered with this treatment has been through a process of removing the Nitrogen, so your skin and cells are being treated with pure oxygen which plumps, hydrates, smooths and soothes.

This facial delivers serums using oxygen topically to the skin, as well as inhalation of oxygen to directly promote skin health.

It is effective for treating acne as Oxygen is anti-bacterial and encourages healing to eliminate scarring and pigmentation from breakouts.

For skins showing signs of sun-damage or natural ageing, it helps promote collagen so strengthens the skin, softening and filling lines and evening the skintone.  

This also helps to soothe redness from rosacea as helps stimulate the blood flow and increases oxygen flow through the cells.

You will see an IMMEDIATE result ... its a fantastic treatment to have on the eve of a special event - particularly for Brides and Mother-of-the-Brides - a series of treatments coming up to the big day helps maximise the results, which are cumulative so last for months after a series of sessions.

An Oxygen session can be added to any of the other facial options available also.

      ULTIMATE OXYGEN  FACIAL (includes LED)                                                            $150.00

      PURCHASE A PACK OF 4 AND RECEIVE A 5th COMPLIMENTARY                              $600.00

     CLASSIC OXYGEN FACIAL                                                                                   $120.00



     ADD  OXYGEN TO YOUR CHOICE OF FACIAL                                                         From + $15.00


Oxygen Facials
Oxygen Facials
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Results after just ONE Oxygen treatment

Improvement in skin texture and hydration.

Helps to restore skin barrier