The OXYGEN Facial


Oxygen is necessary for every cell in the body - cells use the oxygen carried in our bloodstreams to gain energy to to fuel all our living processes. 


A skin with oxygen depletion is unable to function at an optimal level - nutrients aren’t carried and skin will be dehydrated, lose tone, and look sallow and lacklustre.

We now see skincare having oxygen molecules added, so using oxygen in a treatment makes a lot of


sense.  Specific serums and peptides can be applied to the skin and infused with 95% pure oxygen …. gently infused topically to the skin with an airbrush and also through a dome which provides the added bonus of oxygen directly inhaled to assist the body.


Skin is immediately plumped, refreshed, smoothed and hydrated.  Also provides anti-bacterial bonuses for skins which are inflamed or reactive.

Suitable for all skin types.

A great ‘pre event’ facial - a favourite with red carpet celebs.



My skin always looks great after seeing you.  
Lucy S.


Thank you, Karen, for another beautiful facial.  Soooo relaxing! 
Sharon C.