Skincare with Confidence


Introducing the next generation of stem cell science for skin and hair care: NeoGenesis' patented S²RM® technology. This exclusive technology harnesses the power of adult stem cell released molecules to awaken your body’s natural regenerative power.


NeoGenesis products are abundant in these molecules and provide a natural approach to healing called “systems therapeutics”.


We are simply returning to the damaged tissue the molecules that were present when the skin was young and healthy to effectively repair and restore the skin.



Our goal is to provide the highest quality hair and skin products that naturally enhance people's quality of life by returning their skin and hair to radiant health. Helping people look and feel good is our passion


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NeoGenesis offers oncology safe products that soothe and protect the skin from the harsh effects of cancer treatments.


NeoGenesis provides skin and hair products that are science-based, non-toxic, and safely treat a wide range of conditions.


NeoGenesis uses stem cells that are resident in the deeper layers of the skin to release healing molecules that repair and rejuvenate.



What kind of stem cells are in your products?

Our products contain molecules from adult human stem cells, that reside in the deep dermal layer and subcutaneous layer of the skin. These are the resident stem cells in the skin that repair and maintain our skin throughout our lifetime.

Where do your stem cells come from?

NeoGenesis gets the tissue that contains the Stem Cells from Tissue Banks within the United States. The tissue is from donors. It is carefully tested and the process is highly regulated by the FDA.

Do you use embryonic stem cells?

No, we do not. Our products contain the molecules released from adult human stem cells.

How do plant stem cells compare with adult human stem cells?

Plant stem cells cannot influence the cells in human skin. Plant stem cells are beneficial only in that they can work as other antioxidants do, in the fight against free radicals. They have some value as antioxidants, but that capability will break down easily if not stored correctly. Human stem cells release the molecules that have cell to cell communication with skin cells. They speak the same language and are perfectly suited to repair the skin.

What are the percentages of stem cell released molecules in the NeoGenesis products?

Recovery 70%, Booster 40%, Skin Serum 20%, Eye Serum 10%, Intensive Moisturizer 5%, Light Moisturizer 5%, Moisturizing Mist 1%, Hair Serum 60%, NeoLash 60%, NeoBrow 60%.