My Story

                                                    It's taken me a little while to get here, but after an extensive career beginning more than 30 years ago, and

                                                     knowing first-hand the benefits of self-care,  The Luna Beauty Room is the culmination of my love of nurturing

a                                                   and offering clients a personalised treatment experience.


                                                     As a young 16 year-old in her first office jobs, I would take myself off each month - much to my father's annoyance -

                                                     to the exclusive and now infamous beautician (as they were called then), Eileen Lazar in The Strand Arcade.  

                                                     This was in the 1970s;  she had a small double shop beauty salon, and at the time enlisted her first young assistant

                                                     to be trained under her wing- oh, how I wanted to be that girl!  I loved the beautiful aromas created by the

                                                     mix of creams and lotions, and even at such a young age, I found having a facial something worth saving up for.  

                                                     Even after working briefly for Estee Lauder and Clinique in my early twenties, it was not until another fifteen years

                                                     until I began on the path I had always felt a natural connection with.       


                                                    After completing my Diploma in Make-up in the early 1990's and working as a freelance Make-up Artist, with                                                                                                      personalities including Julia Morris, Judith Durham & The Seekers, Andrew Daddo, Paula Duncan, Chris Bath,

                                                    and American singer Neil Sedaka, television stations Foxtel and Channel 7, and print photographers,

                                                    to a Certificate III in Hairdressing and opening my own salon, a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and

                                                    post-graduate courses in various forms of Massage, Specialised Brow and Lash training followed;

                                                    this time also led me to importing and successfully launching a U.S. brand of cosmetics into Australia, 

                                                    and becoming a Finalist in the Telstra Businesswomen's Awards in 2010. - very unexpected.  

                                                    This was a very satisfying time in my career - not only working with the beauty industry, but also with leaders

                                                    in the medical arena, offering camouflage treatments for burns, scarring, and skin conditions.

                                                    Along the way, I've been lucky enough to work with some inspiring masters in their fields.


                                                     I still love those gorgeous aromas I loved all those years ago which remind me of those early days as a young office girl,                                                                                   who realised the value  of nurturing yourself and how amazing you can feel.  I look forward to offering you the very best experience.






LUNA .. Roman mythical Goddess of the Moon


A female 'being' believed to be the source of life

Admired & adored, possessing inner beauty & grace, purity, confidence & strength

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