One of the most popular treatments I offer, and often referred to as a non-surgical face lift, Microcurrent stimulates the muscles of the face by increasing cellular activity so increases ATP (the body’s proteins or muscle building blocks), collagen production, and circulation.

Almost like lifting weights at the gym, a gentle current stimulates the facial muscles so they begin to strengthen and in turn, lift and tone. Facial lines are softened and reduced, folds around the mouth,

cheeks and jawline can be refined and lifted, eyes lifted, and you can achieve more definition in your features as well as improved skin tone, texture and overall radiance.

Along with Microcurrent, this facial combines facial & neck fascia release.

Long-lasting results are achieved with a series of treatments - the number of treatments is dependent on your age and skin condition. As a guide, for those under 45, 6 treatments 1-2 weeks in succession would be recommended. For those above 45, and depending on what your priority is, a minimum of 8 would be recommended for you to achieve noticeable, long-lasting results.


This is definitely a treatment worth trying - even just once - as you will see results!


Single treatment $ 180


Set of 6      $990
Includes a 3ml NeoGenesis Serum

Set of 8      $1260
Includes a 10ml NeoGenesis Serum

I began seeing Karen early last year after a recommendation from a friend - and now it’s me who recommends Karen to everyone.  I have had a series of microcurrent treatments which I had never heard of - my skin became much smoother, brighter and my whole face, particularly my jaw area, was lifted and shaped - there was and still is a visible difference.  I always leave feeling totally refreshed - and my skin looks FANTASTIC. 
Sharon G.




I had spent 2 years and a lot of money at another salon with zero  results - after only a few microcurrent treatments, and using NeoGenesis products, my lip & mouth lines were finally improved.

Karen is amazing!  She really makes you feel special and you definitely feel pampered.

Kirrily Marsh




My daughter first recommended Karen to me a number of  years ago and I’ve had many treatments with her from facials to lash lifts and tinting.  My skin has improved so much, and I often receive compliments.  Last year I began a series of microcurrent treatments and the results were better than I had expected.  My skin was so much smoother and had a really natural glow.  The bigger change was my eyes and cheeks - the puffiness under my eyes disappeared and the skin was much firmer.  I always enjoy my visits and leave feeling uplifted.  I highly recommend a visit to experience what Karen has to offer.

Sandra B.