Microcurrent .... known as 'The Madonna Facial' or Non-surgical Facelift

Microcurrent is a sub-sensory treatment which uses a gentle electrical current to treat the skin and facial muscles.

Our bodies are, in fact, electric - we have a natural electrical field within our cells.  Microcurrent mimics the body's electrical field which results in the stimulation of cellular function - induces the production of more ATP (protein) which is crucial for muscles to remain firm and support the skin - they are the framework your skin lays on.  What are the results?  Similar to lifting weights at the gym, Microcurrent stimulates the muscles and after a series of treatments, your muscles retain the memory of that position and so become firmer and more lifted. 


Not just for lifting and firming, Microcurrent facials can greatly improve and manage Acne, Rosacea, Dehydrated & Dry skins as it detoxifies, calms and improves cell respiration & hydration.

It is a painless, non-invasive holistic treatment and will provide a deep relaxation also.

If you are looking at an age-management plan, number of treatments will be dependent on your age, but can range from 6-10, ideally weekly or fortnightly,  and then results can be maintained afterwards.  Why weekly?  We are wanting to build that muscle memory,  just like your regular exercise sessions.  You will still achieve results with treatments spaced out more, but it will take a little more time.  

If you are wanting to treat Acne or another skin condition, a plan can be discussed to suit.

Other benefits of Microcurrent are it increases Collagen and Elastin production, increases circulation, and provides detoxification so your cells are functioning at their absolute optimum.  Skin is smoother, plumper - as Microcurrent improves hydration in cells - skin is brighter, pigmentation is reduced, pore size is refined, scarring is reduced.

If you want a WOW factor for a special occasion, this will give you that - it's known as the go-to for Celebrities before a big Event so even 1 treatment will show!

Single Treatment

1hr 20 Minutes                        $170

1hr 50 Minutes                        $190

Treatment packages are available - these are designed for those who are time-poor but wanting to achieve results more qickly.

45 minutes                             

6 Sessions                               $870

10 Sessions                            $1450