Foot Massage

Truly therapeutic, this treatment combines aromatherapy and myofascia techniques.


Gently treating the body by working on fascia, the body’s connective tissue, allows the body to release and balance itself - it’s not always necessary to ‘go deep’ with massage to feel results.  

Your massage can also include the healing benefits of Far Infrared therapy.

Using the power of amethyst crystals and light generation, radiant heat can penetrate 3-10cms into the body, creating deep nerve, organ, joint and tissue warmth - reducing stress, relieving pain, increasing circulation and metabolism, facilitating normal core body temperature. Helps pain management for those with chronic health conditions including cancer and arthritis. Deeply relaxing, you can spend 30 mins for a session, or combine with an upper body massage.

Add to your massage with hyperbaric Oxygen & Anions - 90% pure oxygen and negative ions, breathing this boosted air is similar to the clean environment you would experience walking through a rainforest.  

An extra health boost, improves immunity, clarity and respiration.

Full Body Massage

1hr 20 mins      $130

1hr 45 mins      $150

Add Oxygen Dome for $20

Pregnancy Massage

1hr 10 mins       $120



Head Neck & Shoulders

30 mins      $65


Infra Red is known to deeply heal the body and is used for many chronic health conditions to manage pain and alleviate symptoms of disease.  The Amethyst crystals in the mattress provide another deeper healing element.  This treatment can be used as often as you feel you need it so you can have a short session (without massage) or integrate the massage for your body massage. 

Amplify your treatment with the Oxygen & Anion Dome for even more health benefits.


Far Infra Red
30 mins      $40

Add Oxygen Dome for $20


Upper Body Massage & Far Infra Red

30 mins       $85

I felt wonderful after my massage … I’ll be back.  Might have to alternate between massages and facials.  Both are glorious!  
Carmel D.