LED Therapy

LED Therapy is a safe, relaxing, non-invasive skin treatment,  using the principles of Phototherapy, or light rays for healing.

First used by NASA to aid in healing when astronauts were on space missions, LED using lightwaves to send energy to the cells of the body to enable it to heal and repair itself.


The ADURO LED is a TGA approved device, unique in that it offers more choice of light spectrum to treat a wider range of conditions, and is also the ONLY LED which can isolate and treat individual areas of the skin with different light at the same time.

For example, you may have open pores on your nose, but are concerned about fine lines around your eyes or mouth.  We are able to treat both these in the one session.

                             Target         PIGMENTATION   ACNE   ECZEMA   ROSACEA   FINE LINES   SKIN TEXTURE 


LED may be added to any Facial, or be experienced as a stand-alone treatment with the addition of a  Collagen mask.

Ideally, a series of treatments always gives better outcomes in a shorter period of time, but results are always seen when using LED.

                            Classic LED Facial                                                    $95.00  (cleanse, steam, mask & LED)

                            Collagen-infused Light Therapy Facial                   $120.00 (cleanse, steam, exfoliation, Collagen mask, LED)

                             Add Oxygen to your LED Facial                             + $15.00

                             Set of 6 Signature LED Facials (ideally over 4 weeks)    $500.00  ($70 saving)

                             Set of 6 Collagen LED Treatments (ideally over 4 weeks)      $620.00  ($100 saving)                   


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