INTRODUCING  INLEI  Lash Lift & Filler

What this new lash lift does is add a little extra step to the process - so first we soften your lashes and curl, then we fix the curl, and then we BUILD volume with the filler portion.

This lash lift has been developed to really take care of your lashes, and also feed the hair follicle which results in increased volume and length after just 3 applications.

This basically alleviates the need to use serums on your lashes.

Your growing out phase is also improved - you will see less of any 'crazy' curls etc..

Also offers more choice in curls.



      LIFT & FILLER                $90.00

      LIFT TINT & FILLER      $115.00   




Traditional Lash Lift will still be available for a short time


      LIFT                              $65.00

      LIFT & TINT                   $95.00  


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