Facial Treatments


Ready to be transformed .........


The mind-body connection is an integral part of every facial at Luna Skin.

A stressed body causes us to stand, walk, and use our facial muscles in tense ways - and these affect our skin and how our face looks.


All facials include fascia release - fascia is the body’s connective tissue so when it is tight, your skin and facial muscles are tight and restrict circulation and create puffiness and tension lines.

The majority of skin treatments are non-invasive -
microneedling being the only one which creates tiny channels in the skin - and products without chemicals

are the preferred choice. Whether you have a chronic skin condition such as rosacea, acne, sensitivities, or are concerned with ageing or just want to keep your skin looking great, there are a number of treatments to choose from - all of which will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.


You’ll leave wondering why you didn’t come sooner.