A classic-style facial but so much more.


An important part of treating the skin, and achieving great results, is to relieve stress in the body and mind.  What we sometimes forget is how we are a connected body - so if , for example, you are tense in the shoulders, this affects your face and how your face looks.  Tight shoulders = tight jaw/mouth which ultimately affects the shape of your face.


This treatment achieves absolute relaxation,

combining some guided breathing and relaxation techniques, full back & scalp massage, as well as lower legs and feet.





LED or Oxygen may be added to this treatment.


Add LED          $35

Add Oxygen    $20

I have come to the realisation that it is so important to look after my skin and even more important that I am in the right hands.  I leave Karen after a couple of hours feeling on top of the world and so pleased with my results.  And I must say,  Karen’s music makes the experience even more enjoyable. 
Sharon G.



I love my time spent at Luna Skin and have been seeing Karen every month for more than 5 years.  My facial is so relaxing I regularly fall asleep!  I highly recommend Karen for her professionalism, care and the quality of the products she uses.  
Felicity Lewis



I have been seeing Karen for about 6 years and would recommend her to everyone.  I have sensitive skin and have been hospitalised as a result of reactions to products, but with Karen, she only uses products that are safe and natural - she always researches her products and treatments to ensure they are of the highest quality.  I’d definitely recommend for everyone, having one of Karen’s facials. I have never experienced a facial like hers.  My last was before my wedding and my face was absolutely glowing and had never looked so good. 

Her facials go beyond the usual - with her massage training and techniques, I have never felt so pampered.  
Kate Hammad