A well-shaped brow can really enhance your eyes.  
 Colouring brows can help improve your brow shape and add more definition where needed and does not need
 to look too dominating. 
 Choose from either a Tint or natural Henna to define your brows.
 Henna has more lasting power than Tint - giving up to 4 weeks colour on brow hair, and up to 2 weeks on the skin                   (depending on whether you have an oily skin and your home care skincare).
 Each brow is so different - depending on your brow needs, a combination of tweezing, waxing and in some cases, minimal       trimming, with some colour enhancement.
 Full Brow Shape  $30-45.00 (with Tint + $10/with Henna +$20
 Brow Tint          $20.00
 Brow Henna     $35.00